Computing and IT information for new faculty and staff

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Other relevant information provided by UCLA:

Some campus resources require mult-factor authentication on your smart phone or tablet, adding extra security when logging in to faculty and student resources. Click here for important information about MFA.

For Cloud file sharing, UCLA offers unlimited storage through BOX. With your UCLA ID and email address, you can easily download and use BOX, see information here.

The default UC software for video conference is called ZOOM. Note: all our faculty members in the department can register for a free Pro account, which allow users to host an unlimited number of meetings of unlimited length for up to 100 participants. Only the host (yourself) needs to have such a Pro account, while other participants just need the software (as a guest) to join your video conference:

CCLE (The Common Collaboration Learning Environment) is UCLA's learning management system where course materials and resources are maintained by instructors. The online student portal is MyUCLA.

For high performance computing, you should register an account at UCLA Hoffman2 cluster. Click here for information. Usually you can run your job up to 24 hours maximum. If you want to run for even longer time, the best solution would be to contribute computer nodes to them. With that they will allow all your group members run jobs for 14 days maximum in your contributed nodes. Besides the standard usual SSH, you can also use NoMachine client to connect to Hoffman2 cluster. Note: Hoffman2 supports compiler for most languages C++/C, Fortran, Python, and also software such as Mathematica, and etc. 

For information for buying computer nodes, as well as HPC storage click this link.

You can also buy your own computer cluster and store them in our department through the IT group. If you want to explore this option, please check first with Leon Kopelevich.

If you want to create a UCLA email-list (usually, you can submit a request here.