Most classrooms and meeting rooms in the PAB, Knudsen, and Kinsey Pavillion facilities are equipped with projectors. Portable projectors are also available for checkout by faculty, staff, and graduate students. To request a portable projector, please submit a help desk request.

Wireless Projectors

We have two different types of wireless projectors:  Panasonic projectors which utilize the Panasonic Wireless Manager client, and other projectors, which use a device called a LiteShow3 and the accompanying LiteShow software client.  You will need to install the appropriate client in order to use that particular type of wireless projector.

To use the wireless projectors, you must be on the "projectors" wireless network. View the Projector network password here.

Panasonic Wireless Projectors

The projectors are named proj + <room number>, for example, the projector in 4-708 is called proj4708.  You can use these projectors with the Wireless Manager client available here:

Client for Windows

Client for Mac v6.0 (currently does not work on OS X 10.6)

Client for Mac v6.4 (works up to 10.14 officially)

Client for iOS (link to App Store)

First, you need to be on the "projectors" wireless network to connect to the projector.  When you first run the software, it will ask you to register a projector... it is actually best if you hit cancel here because it will not find it.   The Find Projectors tab should be selected, and if you click U under Change Search, and then the refresh button, it should find the projectors automatically.  Alternatively, you can Change Search to IP and enter the IP address directly, from the table below.

Room:  IP   (password)

PAB 4-330:   (View password)

PAB 4-708:   (View password)

It will also prompt you for the password.  Once you connect to a projector, it will appear in the list of Registered Projectors, making it much easier to use subsequently.

Other Wireless Projectors

For the non-Panasonic projectors, you will need to download the LiteShow client appropriate for your OS:

Client for Windows

Client for Mac

First, you need to be on the "projectors" wireless network to connect to the projector.  Then launch the LiteShow3 client, and it should automatically find all of the available projectors.  Select the projector you want, then it will bring up another window with the IP address populated, and you should enter your name, and you need to enter the Login Code which is a 4 digit PIN that should be displayed by the projector.  The LiteShow3 device is plugged into the VGA port of the projector, so that input needs to be selected for it to work.

Room:  IP   (password)

PAB 3-735:   (changes)

PAB 3-703:   (changes)