LDAP User Accounts

The Physics & Astronomy department utilizes multiple authentication systems for internal IT resources. LDAP is used for SSH gateway access, authentication across departmental websites, and VPN access.

Requesting an LDAP Account

If you have a Physics or Astronomy e-mail account, there's a good chance that you already have an LDAP account. To check if you have an LDAP account, try logging in with your e-mail username (the initial portion before the @ symbol) and password.

If you are unable to login with your e-mail username and password, an LDAP account can be automatically provisioned by logging into the Zimbra webmail interface. To do so, log in at http://mail.physics.ucla.edu if you have an @physics.ucla.edu e-mail address, or http://mail.astro.ucla.edu if your e-mail address ends in @astro.ucla.edu. By logging into the webmail interface, an LDAP account will be created with the same credentials as your e-mail username and password. Please allow 15-20 minutes for the new account to propagate and try logging into the website again.

If you encounter any errors during this process, or if you do not have a Physics or Astronomy e-mail account, please submit a new helpdesk request.

Changing Your Password

To change your LDAP password, please first change your Active Directory (e-mail) password at https://password.pa.ucla.edu and then log into your webmail account at http://mail.astro.ucla.edu or http://mail.physics.ucla.edu to have the new password pushed to the LDAP account.

Forgotten Passwords

In the case of a forgotten password, please submit a help desk ticket by clicking "New Support Ticket" above requesting an account password reset. An administrator will reset your password and reply with the updated login credentials.